Do you ship goods in Slovakia? We offer fast, efficient and safe domestic transport.

We dedicate the same care and precision to all the services we offer. Customer satisfaction comes first. We execute shipments according to our usual and faultless quality standards! Everything so that the whole process runs smoothly and successfully.
From the first telephone call to the selection of the most suitable carrier, from loading the goods to monitoring during transport and delivery to the destination.

We are accurate and efficient not only because we have it in the quality manual but also because reliability and credibility is the only way to win a customer in a competitive environment.
Care, efficiency and commitment are characteristic of all our employees.

Portfolio of domestic transport services:
-Express shipping
-Full Truck Load (FTL)
-Less Thank Truck Load (LTL)
-Groupage transport
-Just in Time Shipping
-Oversized transport
-Transportation of clothing and textiles on hangers
-Transport of windows and doors
-Transportation of exhibition expositions
-Transport vehicles with hydraulic platform
-Transport of air pallets and containers
-Transport of furniture and copying equipment with the delivery of goods to the recipient's hands
-Moving offices
-Transportation of distribution boxes and server rooms
-Transport of drugs
-Transport with controlled temperature during transport
-Dangerous Goods Transport (ADR)
-Transportation of valuables and valuable goods
-Milk-run shipping
-Secure the crane for loading and unloading