Experience, diversification and knowledge of the transport market allow our employees to carry out the most demanding transport operations such as “oversized transport” successfully, safely and efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our associates are overseas transport specialists from all over Europe and we are ISO certified company.

The unusually large, long, wide, tall and heavy consignments carried with a pinch of danger always attracted attention. Whether concrete rings or long propellers of wind turbines are being transported, what you see on the road is only the end result of a complex process of multi-week planning in which nothing is left to chance.

What does Oversized Transport require?
Care, professional planning, attention, knowledge in the road transport of oversized goods or permissible weights regulated by road traffic laws in Europe. Authorization of the operator or owner of the roads used as well as escort escorts and assistance from police patrols and firefighters is required.

Nothing is left to chance, everything is planned. Choosing the right transport route and obtaining the necessary transport permits are key steps to successfully carry out oversized transport. Knowledge of the quality of the current road network at the time of transport is required for timely delivery.
Height and total weight limits to be respected, bridge limits and road sections that must eventually be closed for normal traffic. Plan B must also be available for timely and secure delivery.

The following types of oversized goods:
- transport of cooling towers and technology for the paper industry
- transport of oversized goods
- transport of reinforced concrete girder
- transport of forms, silos, tanks
- transport of structures, industrial halls
- transport of prefabricated houses
- transport of construction machines
- transport of harvesters
- transport of elements for wind power plants
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