Do you import shipments from different suppliers from one country or region? We offer efficient milk-run service!

We are efficient and stand out in speed. Bringing individual shipments together and delivering expressly or on time at a predetermined date.

The Milk Run system is not new. It comes from old England and is based on the nature of the regular collection of fresh milk to the dairy. In a logistic sense, our system is very similar. However, we are more flexible and adapt to the requirements and current situation.

To successfully set up and calculate the price we need to know the parameters of the shipments (volume, number of pallets, size and weight), permanence, supply points of suppliers and contact details for information on current quantities.

The whole process is supervised by our experts and we respond to your current requirements. With good setup and communication, we can achieve an excellent price / quantity / delivery time ratio. We make sure the shipments are compatible so that the delivery is without damage. Everything for customer satisfaction.
European Union

You can order transportation between any countries.