We offer a high-performance groupage transport for you to your destination. Groupage transport is a flexible, safe and inexpensive way of transporting small quantities of goods consolidated along with other shipments on standard collection service routes. Our network of international collaborators enables us to guarantee tailor-made services and optimize shipping costs.

Why use a groupage transport?

Unique price. You do not always send a large quantity of goods, therefore it is for you to consolidate the shipment with another advantageous solution. Groupage transport
works by grouping small quantities of goods from different consignors addressed to the same area or country into a single unit, allowing the optimization of small shipments, saving money and space.

We are forwarders! What is our role?

Manage and control the entire process from loading to unloading. We are the center of contact. We organize customer requests so that we can meet all needs and effectively combine shipments that are distributed upon arrival to different recipients in the area.

Nothing is left to chance and the way goods are consolidated is essential for successful delivery. When consolidating, we consider various shipment factors and take special measures to prevent damage to incompatible goods. We guarantee a safe transport by groupage transport.

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